Project Description

With the introduction of Rick Nugent and John Outhwaite to the team this has enabled Foster Tachographs & Transport Compliance to expand and extend their services, so that either separately from, or in conjunction with, our ‘Gold Standard’ Tachograph Systems and Audit services, you can also benefit from the same high-quality expertise in conducting in-depth audits of your maintenance systems.

We will test maintenance systems to the limit of their capabilities and compare the results and data against current industry levels, expected industry standards, to ensure an Operator fully meets the standards as given through the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness and Best Practice.

As part of this exercise, and similar to our Tachograph Compliance Audits, we do not simply do a ‘tick’ box exercise; our audits are a proper test of an Operator’s maintenance systems, reviewing each stage to ensure that the correct procedures and records are in place AND that they are working.  

We will ensure that drivers, mechanics, maintenance providers, and any other personnel involved in an Operator’s processes, are effectively and efficiently fulfilling the expectations of the Traffic Commissioner and Enforcement Authorities. 

Furthermore, as with all our audits, it’s not just about identifying areas of weakness and suggesting remedies. We will use our expertise to provide reliable, proven and accepted solutions to aid compliance and put the client at the forefront of industry best practice. 

We will identify any weaknesses in the system looking at, but not limited to:

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