Project Description

2 Day Compliance Course

The primary objective of this course is to educate and enhance the delegate’s skills in their role in Transport. We aim to provide the knowledge and skill-set to understand and implement their role within an Operator to promote and maintain compliance.

It is not a theoretical course, this is practical, having the delegate encounter and answer with effect to what happens in the real world, what would happen to their drivers and the Operation if one or all fail to meet the expectations of compliance as of today and the future.

We stress this is not a typical Transport Manager CPC Refresher Course where the exam modules are repeated.  This is an advanced and practical course dealing with the real world for Transport Manager’s, the drivers’ and the Operator’s responsibilities and undertakings and what happens concerning actual scenarios, expanding and enhancing what is initially taught on the CPC Course to enable ‘continuous and effective management’ of compliance within professional organisations.

Course content includes, but is not limited to that listed below, with each delegate also receiving a Course Folder containing information surrounding the topics covered.

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