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From our experience, many Operators do not have full and effective systems.  Some systems may need a ‘tweak’, but others need a complete overhaul.  

How do we audit a system?  With Foster Tachographs & Transport Compliance, we target Best Practice, based upon our experience of what has landed Operators, Directors, Transport Managers or Drivers in front of the Courts.

Many of these Operators were undertaking analysis, they had some form of systems and they may have had audits undertaken; so why did they end up in trouble?  With FTTC, Operators have access to high quality tachograph compliance experts auditing systems to the highest standards, testing them in their robustness and where applicable implementing high quality compliance systems which will ensure meeting Operator’s Licence undertakings.  

We can attend and undertake a one-off audit or offer regular audits at agreed time intervals with the cost spread over an agreed period; you choose. 

We are widely regarded as leading experts in the UK for these types of systems, and no less an authority than the Transport Tribunal has described our expertise as follows: 

“We agree with the description of Mr Humphreys’ input into the Appellant’s operations as being ‘gold standard’ together with his proposals as to the future.” 

If the very worst was to happen – how the compliance systems stand up to a full, detailed investigation is key as to whether there is any further action.

We will identify any weaknesses in the system looking at, but not limited to:

We review everything with respect to whether an Operator’s systems meet the responsibilities as set out in the Alison Jones Transport Tribunal (L56): 

“In our view this statutory undertaking requires more than the operator should set up adequate systems and then leave them to run themselves; what is required is constant supervision and monitoring to ensure that the systems work. In other words, I am directing myself to the effectiveness of the system to detect drivers’ hours and tachograph offences and the resulting action taken as a consequence of such findings.” 

It is a short statement, but one against which an Operator is continually judged and simply having an Induction document, analysing tachograph records and having them signed by a driver does not meet an Operator’s Statutory Undertakings. 

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