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Best Practice means being Proactive, not Reactive

For those who have been called to attend a Public Inquiry, they will know that for a successful outcome the key is preparation, not just saying the Operator is going to make changes, but they need to have proved they are doing it, thus giving the Traffic Commissioner the reassurance that they can trust the Operator moving forward.

  • An Operator therefore needs to prove that they have addressed the issues raised;
  • These may be related to Tachograph and/or Maintenance Systems, Encounter History, Failure to Notify the Office of the Traffic Commissioner or other Regulatory matters;
  • Lessons have been learnt from the past and the negative events AND;
  • The Operator implemented robust remedial action and systems to prevent it happening again AND
  • These systems will be continually monitor moving forward to prevent any repetition.

Therefore, whether an Operator has just had a visit from the DVSA, a driver has been stopped and a negative encounter has occurred, Directors, Transport Managers or drivers are being interviewed or you have been served a Summons or Public Inquiry Brief, please give Foster Tachographs & Transport Compliance a call.  It is never too soon to contact us, the earlier the better, in some cases early action can prevent further action later and if you need legal advice we can point you in the direction of specialist transport solicitors that we have worked with in the past.

At Foster Tachographs & Transport Compliance, we are well versed in the preparation of reports, using our recognised experts to give assistance, prepare Reports and to present evidence at Public Inquiries.

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2019 – Senior TC Richard Turfitt with the 7 area Traffic Commissioners who can call Operators, Directors or Transport Managers to Public Inquiry


Whether you are an Operator or the Solicitor representing them, our first steps together are vital.  We will review the whole position, analyse relevant information, study the Public Inquiry Brief (if this has been served), identify areas of concern and quickly implement systems (tachograph, maintenance, other statutory undertakings, as applicable) including those considered by the Transport Tribunal as the ‘Gold Standard’ for the transport industry to prevent the experience being repeated.

Gordon Humphreys and the Foster Tachographs Limited Team have been recognised by Traffic Commissioners as suitable experts to undertake analysis and audits which may be required following a successful Public Inquiry outcome.

So, when you come to us for analysis, reports and advice, you have the peace of mind that our attention to detail, honesty and integrity are widely acknowledged and accepted.

To talk to us about our PUBLIC INQUIRY service, please call 01772-655155 or complete the Contact Us Form below.

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