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When it comes to submitting an Application or Variation for an Operator’s Licence, the importance of fulfilling your obligations cannot be over-stressed.  Not only must it be accurate, but does it meet your needs, can potential hurdles be preempted and addressed on application thereby reducing any delays.  An application online may take 7 weeks or longer, in some cases, and therefore unnecessary delays can be detrimental to any business plans.

At Foster Tachographs & Transport Compliance we have a team, led by Rick Nugent who have that knowledge and experience to assist any Operator in their application.  Again using the expertise of what may place an Operator in trouble we can work with the client to guide them through the process.  There are so many variables:

  • Who needs an Operator’s Licence?
  • Are there any of my Vehicles which are Exempt?
  • What type of Operator’s Licence Do I need? Standard National, Standard International, Restricted?
  • Do I need a Transport Manager?  What is their Role?
  • Do I need a Community Licence?
  • When Do I Apply for a Licence?
  • How many Vehicles can I Operate?
  • Can I get an Interim Licence?
  • What do they mean about advertising your Application and the Traffic Commissioner publishing Applications and Decisions?

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It can be complex and confusing, and the above are just a few questions that need to be answered.  The guides issued run to 48 pages and for your information below are the links to the Guides for obtaining an Operator’s Licence:

Goods Vehicle Operator Licensing Guide (GV74)

PSV operator licensing guide (PSV437)

Call Foster Tachographs & Transport Compliance and let us give you some Foster Care through the complex process. 

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