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Although most Operators are aware of the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness and Best Practice, it is not always applied to the full, but as importantly, what about those undertaking the maintenance.

Vehicle Maintenance will only be as good as those who are entrusted to undertake the work on behalf of the Operator.  There is no Regulatory action that can be take against sub-standard providers, but they can affect an Operator’s OCRS, or their MOT pass rate, or lead to the issuing of PG9 Prohibition Notices.

Is it worth taking a risk when an independent audit can give you peace of mind?  There is an increasing recognition that there is a requirement for audits and reviews to be undertaken with respect to an Operator’s Maintenance Providers, whether they are internal or external.

Foster Tachographs & Transport Compliance now provide an independent audit of an Operator’s Maintenance providers, not just on paper, but also donning the overalls and getting down the pit!

We look to assist clients with, by way of review, support, training and guidance to those who are tasked with preventative maintenance on their behalf.

As a consequence there are a number of areas to be looked at, including:

  1. The individual tasked with the work, his/her competence, previous training, current knowledge and attitude.
  2. The safety inspection, what is the process currently used?
  3. Does the method of inspection follow a logical and comprehensive format and use the correct documentation?
  4. Knowledge and understanding of the difference between the legal minimum standard for component assessment/condition and what is acceptable at a safety inspection is critical. It’s not acceptable for a mechanic to not change parts that are defective as that affects road safety, whilst conversely to change components parts because the mechanic is not sure and does not want to chance is not cost effective.  Operators need mechanics/fitters who know what to do and when to do it!
  5. Any individual tasked to complete safety inspections must be able to answer [without reference to the written criteria – HGV inspection manual] the most basic questions e.g. minimum tyre tread depth, braking performance and efficiency.  If they can’t that should raise an immediate concern.
  6. Are they aware of and have access to the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness / HGV – PSV inspection manuals?

In short, this is an assessment of underpinning knowledge, procedures, with a practical element of the individual completing a safety inspection – overalls on and down the pit!.

We will look at all aspects of the processes review your providers to these standards and report back with advice, guidance and resolutions to any weaknesses identified.

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