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Our client and their driver had no further action taken based upon compliance systems and analysis

When it comes to forensic analysis of tachograph data and reconstruction of route analysis, you need to know you are in capable hands. 

Our professional analysis of both analogue and digital tachographs has provided vital, independent evidence in both criminal and civil courts throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

Our reputation as tachograph analysis experts means that we are and have been consulted by both defence and prosecution teams and also, in civil matters, as the Single Joint Expert. 

With our forensic approach to investigating the events that took place during a road traffic accident, you can rely on us to conduct in depth collision analysis and reconstruction from the available tachograph data to identify the causes and contributing factors. 

The detailed analysis processes have also been used in detailed route plotting to determine the location of stops and/or the routes travelled.

This rigorous analysis can be invaluable and is not simply limited to collisions; a few examples of cases that we have been involved in with respect to analysis of tachograph data are given below:

  • Corporate manslaughter
  • Causing death by dangerous driving
  • Careless & inconsiderate driving
  • Drug smuggling
  • Thefts of load
  • Personal injury
  • Evasion of duty on cigarettes and/or alcohol
  • People Smuggling
  • Civil Liability claims
  • Route reconstruction

With our team of experts we can offer you reliable evidence and advice based upon the data available, considering all possible factors, including matters that may not have been considered at the initial time of instruction.

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