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To properly assist in this subject area an encyclopaedic knowledge of EU Drivers’ Hours and Tachograph Regulations, Working Time Directive and GB Domestic Regulations is crucial in determining whether allegations of breaches are proven or not.

Leading our analysis team is Gordon Humphreys, who has worked on many cases over the last 30 years, where his Reports have established the facts of the case.  These range from matters of simple hours’ allegations, to those of falsification and Conspiracy.  So, whether you are a Solicitor, Barrister, Operator or driver, we can provide you with the detailed analysis and sound analysis and advice with respect to the allegations.

Your case may relate to single or multiple allegations, it may relate to Summonses to Court (for matters of permitting, using, causing or conspiracy), Fixed Penalty Notices at the roadside or a Public Inquiry. They may be levelled against an Operator, a driver or the nominated Transport Manager; we have experienced them all and, as we often find, some or all the allegations may not be accurate; and for a fair outcome, and you need facts, a definitive and accepted account.

Bearing in mind that any proven offences may result in a Public Inquiry or Driver Conduct hearing it is essential to establish the facts that can be proven at the earliest opportunity; there are many outside factors to take into consideration; analysis is not simply viewing the recordings as it appears on the driver’s digital card, Vehicle Unit or analogue record.

This is where Foster Tachographs & Transport Compliance excel, with our experience of reviewing all the available evidence and offering independent expert analysis and advice.  By engaging the services of FTTC you will have access to some of the most respected industry experts in the UK and you can rest assured we will review your case in detail before offering reliable analysis, reports and giving evidence in a legal forum.

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