We have over 50 hours of courses available.  This ranges from picking 2 x 3.5 hours from our modular courses to 7-hour courses and a 21 hours course run over 3 days.  For greater details of each course please click on the link below:

A few reasons to choose us for delivering the training that you need:

  1. We only ever write and deliver our own courses, we do not buy a package off the shelf (as many other providers do, who are also unaware that some of these packages are inaccurate, or in some cases blatantly wrong);
  2. We will NOT deliver death by PowerPoint to any of our delegates – our courses are interactive with real life case studies and experiences, bringing the person of the training to life;
  3. Courses are delivered by those with a real knowledge and not a script; we will answer delegates questions and by interaction ensure knowledge is transferred;

So, when considering who to use for training delivery to meet either a driver’s legal requirement to receive 35 hours training by 9th September 2019 or for a Group within a Company, please think, do you want to use those 7 hours to learn, improve knowledge and subsequently reduce the risk of prosecution significantly; or simply to tick a box to say I’ve sat there for 7 hours being spoken to and not trained.

An Operator considering which training provider to engage to fulfil their requirements should consider the following: Do you want your training to be constructive, improve knowledge and substantially reduce the risk of prosecution, or do you want it to simply tick a box? The legal requirement is to have undertaken 35 hours of training by the 9thof September – it makes sense to make the training worthwhile.

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