Having worked with you previously, here is our latest update relating to Road Safety Compliance from Foster Tachographs and Transport Compliance.  

Do you review systems following convictions? If not, your license is at risk

Failure to Review Convictions Leads to Loss of License

In the latest news from the Office of the Traffic Commissioner a stark reminder has been issued that harmonisation of conditions of competition and road safety, for purposes of the EU Regulations, remain high on the Traffic Commissioners’ list of priorities.  This is something that we highlight on a regular basis when undertaking our compliance audits both in Tachograph and Maintenance Systems.  If you or your employees have had a conviction, have your systems been properly reviewed by experts to ensure that any flaws or loopholes have been closed?  If not, your licence and repute may be at risk!

Convictions are considered to be putting you ‘on notice’ that there is an issue and it needs to be resolved, it cannot be hidden away!  If you need any guidance or assistance in Foster Road Safety Compliance then please give us a call and we will offer you our expert advice and opinions along with resolutions to your problems where they exist.

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