FTTC COVID-19 Drivers’ Hours – No.6 – Recording Furloughed Drivers – 29th April 2020

How do I record the activity of drivers on my Tachograph Analysis System for the WTD? FTTC COVID-19 Drivers' Hours - No.6 Recording Furlough - DOWNLOAD Pdf

FTTC COVID-19 General Advice – No.6 – DRIVER MEDICALS – 18th April 2020

Drivers whose Driving Licence expires in 2020 - What does it mean, who it applies to? What checks are needed? FTTC COVID-19 General - No.6 DRIVER MEDICALS - DOWNLOAD Pdf

Covid-19 Temporary Relaxation to the Drivers’ Hours Rules UPDATE 5 – 7th April 2020

COVID - 19 Update number 5 - After Review the DfT have amended the relaxation to include Ferry Crossing Daily Rests. Read the relaxations, what they mean and what drivers need to do if making use of the Relaxations Updated Guidance on 7th April 2020 FTTC - COVID-19 - DH Advice No.5

Covid-19 Operator Licensing No.5 – 7th April 2020

COVID-19 - Operator Licensing - Furloughing Transport Managers This is Guidance to Operators, Can You Furlough a Transport Manager ? What is the position, are you still running vehicles, have you reduced your fleet, can the TM be furloughed?? The TM must still show Continuous and Effective Management' amid the Covid-19 pandemic?

Covid-19 Operator Licensing No.4 – 7th April 2020

COVID-19 - Operator Licensing - Local Bus Registrations This is Guidance to Bus Operators Relates to matters including: Cancelling or Varying a Service, Payment, and Notice periods for temporary variations FTTC - COVID-19 - Operator Licensing No.4 - Local Bus Registration

Covid-19 – General No.5 – Tachograph Calibration – 5th April 2020

COVID-19 - Tachograph Calibration - An Immediate Relaxation This is a guidance for Operators relating to the immediate relaxation of tachograph calibrations for 3 months What does it mean, when must a calibration be undertaken Can you run with a faulty tachograph? NO!! FTTC - COVID-19 - General No. 5 - Tachograph

Covid-19 Operator Licensing No.3 – 3rd April 2020

COVID-19 - Operator Licensing - The effect on the role of the Transport Manager This is Guidance to Operators, are you still Operating, what can your TM do? Are they Self-Isolating, Working from home, Can they access their Depot or Depots? Can they and the Operator show 'Continuous and Effective Management' amid

Covid-19 Roadworthiness No.6 – updated 3rd April 2020

Pre Use Inspections - during and after COVID-19 - updated 3rd April 2020 Guidance the application of Pre-Use Inspections - Best Practice amid the Covid-19 pandemic INCLUDING Examples to consider when putting a vehicle back into service Download our Guidance - Pre-Use Inspections

Covid-19 Roadworthiness No.7 – Robust VOR Systems

The importance of a robust VOR System cannot be understated Guidance on VOR systems from our experts at FTTC 1. A Guide to what is expected regarding VOR during COVID19 2. A robust system to record a vehicle/trailer being VOR'd 3. A robust system for the removal of a VOR 1. Download