Covid-19 – General No.5 – Tachograph Calibration – 5th April 2020

COVID-19 - Tachograph Calibration - An Immediate Relaxation This is a guidance for Operators relating to the immediate relaxation of tachograph calibrations for 3 months What does it mean, when must a calibration be undertaken Can you run with a faulty tachograph? NO!! FTTC - COVID-19 - General No. 5 - Tachograph

Covid-19 Operator Licensing No.3 – 3rd April 2020

COVID-19 - Operator Licensing - The effect on the role of the Transport Manager This is Guidance to Operators, are you still Operating, what can your TM do? Are they Self-Isolating, Working from home, Can they access their Depot or Depots? Can they and the Operator show 'Continuous and Effective Management' amid

Covid-19 Roadworthiness No.6 – updated 3rd April 2020

Pre Use Inspections - during and after COVID-19 - updated 3rd April 2020 Guidance the application of Pre-Use Inspections - Best Practice amid the Covid-19 pandemic INCLUDING Examples to consider when putting a vehicle back into service Download our Guidance - Pre-Use Inspections

Covid-19 Roadworthiness No.7 – Robust VOR Systems

The importance of a robust VOR System cannot be understated Guidance on VOR systems from our experts at FTTC 1. A Guide to what is expected regarding VOR during COVID19 2. A robust system to record a vehicle/trailer being VOR'd 3. A robust system for the removal of a VOR 1. Download

Temporary Relaxation of Driver CPC Requirement

Relaxation of the requirements to hold a valid Driver Qualification Card under particular circumstances during the current climate Guidance on  COVID  - 19: Advice on the DQC relaxation Download our Guidance

Covid-19 Roadworthiness No.3 – updated 3rd April 2020

Preventative Maintenance Inspections - A balanced Approach - UPDATED 3rd April 2020 Best Practice for PMIs during Covid-19 A summary of the Senior Traffic Commissioner's guidance and also which vehicles may be subject to relaxation and what you should do. Download our Guidance - COVID-19 - Roadworthiness - PMIs