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Helping Operators and Drivers stay legal and FOSTERING greater Road Safety

Foster Tachographs & Transport Compliance are recognised for setting the ‘Gold Standard’ in Transport Compliance Systems – Trust the Experts to Foster Compliance in your Tachograph and Maintenance Systems.

Many of our customers have had to face the prospect of a Court and PI appearance and all that it entails with the worries, concerns, legal costs before they have engaged with FTTC.

However, we have an increasing number of Operators requesting our services prior to any enforcement action and in so doing find the process of ensuring compliance and improving existing systems far less stressful and far more economical.

The cornerstone of our business is to help achieve the highest standards of safety, for Operators, the road transport industry and British roads as a whole upon which all our families travel.

This success can be attained by providing a proper, in depth, investigative audit, identifying compliance issues and then, where applicable, the introduction of solutions to resolve areas of concern and weakness that leave an Operator vulnerable to criticism and action, whilst at the same time taking practical approaches to your workforce training and development.

We have and always will take great pride in the services we provide, and always seek to maintain our reputation as the leading experts in our field.


If you have a compliance issue or simply wish to stay on top of this vital area for an Operator then you can use Foster Tachographs and Transport’s specifically tailored and bespoke TCP, our Transport Compliance Package.


Many of our Customers benefit from more than one of our services over a period of time and therefore we have developed the FTTC Transport Compliance Package.

This enables clients to select the services they require, the quantity needed and over what period of time (up to 12 months; reviewed and renewed annually) and the service is then paid for on a monthly basis over the agreed time period.

So whichever services an Operator would benefit from they can pick and mix those from which they will benefit the most.

By using the FTTC Transport Compliance Package, it means:

  1. You can have CONFIDENCE that your systems are being overseen and any concerns identified and reported to those who are required to know;
  2. You are able to evidence to an Enforcement Officer, Traffic Commissioner or other body that you are taking Compliance seriously and being PROACTIVE in order to maintain and improve compliance;
  3. You have internal documents and evidenced procedures to SUPPORT COMPLIANCE for drivers, vehicles, training, improvements, internal audits to name just a few;
  4. Your PROCEDURES AND DOCUMENTS ARE UP TO DATE in accordance with the law and its interpretation;
  5. You have EVIDENCE of and access to up to date TRAINING for all Transport Personnel, from drivers to Directors;
  6. Access to and evidence of EXTERNAL AUDITS AND REPORTS to Board and Transport Manager level to ensure that the processes in place are being effectively also having the evidence to support that aspect not only through internal documents, but also external reporting from a reliable and respected Company..


From our experience, many Operators do not have full and effective systems.  Some systems may need a ‘tweak’, but others need a complete overhaul.  

How do we audit a system?  With Foster Tachographs & Transport Compliance, we target Best Practice, based upon our experience of what has landed Operators, Directors, Transport Managers or Drivers in front of the Courts.

Many of these Operators were undertaking analysis, they had some form of systems and they may have had audits undertaken; so why did they end up in trouble?  With FTTC, Operators have access to high quality tachograph compliance experts auditing systems to the highest standards, testing them in their robustness and where applicable implementing high quality compliance systems which will ensure meeting Operator’s Licence undertakings.  

We can attend and undertake a one-off audit or offer regular audits at agreed time intervals with the cost spread over an agreed period; you choose. 

We are widely regarded as leading experts in the UK for these types of systems, and no less an authority than the Transport Tribunal has described our expertise as follows: 

“We agree with the description of Mr Humphreys’ input into the Appellant’s operations as being ‘gold standard’ together with his proposals as to the future.” 

If the very worst was to happen – how the compliance systems stand up to a full, detailed investigation is key as to whether there is any further action.

We will identify any weaknesses in the system looking at, but not limited to:

We review everything with respect to whether an Operator’s systems meet the responsibilities as set out in the Alison Jones Transport Tribunal (L56): 

“In our view this statutory undertaking requires more than the operator should set up adequate systems and then leave them to run themselves; what is required is constant supervision and monitoring to ensure that the systems work. In other words, I am directing myself to the effectiveness of the system to detect drivers’ hours and tachograph offences and the resulting action taken as a consequence of such findings.” 

It is a short statement, but one against which an Operator is continually judged and simply having an Induction document, analysing tachograph records and having them signed by a driver does not meet an Operator’s Statutory Undertakings. 

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With the introduction of John Outhwaite to the team this has enabled Foster Tachographs & Transport Compliance to expand and extend their services, so that either separately from, or in conjunction with, our ‘Gold Standard’ Tachograph Systems and Audit services, you can also benefit from the same high-quality expertise in conducting in-depth audits of your maintenance systems.

We will test maintenance systems to the limit of their capabilities and compare the results and data against current industry levels, expected industry standards, to ensure an Operator fully meets the standards as given through the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness and Best Practice.

As part of this exercise, and similar to our Tachograph Compliance Audits, we do not simply do a ‘tick’ box exercise; our audits are a proper test of an Operator’s maintenance systems, reviewing each stage to ensure that the correct procedures and records are in place AND that they are working.  

We will ensure that drivers, mechanics, maintenance providers, and any other personnel involved in an Operator’s processes, are effectively and efficiently fulfilling the expectations of the Traffic Commissioner and Enforcement Authorities. 

Furthermore, as with all our audits, it’s not just about identifying areas of weakness and suggesting remedies. We will use our expertise to provide reliable, proven and accepted solutions to aid compliance and put the client at the forefront of industry best practice. 

We will identify any weaknesses in the system looking at, but not limited to:

To talk to us about FOSTER COMPLIANCE, please call 01772-655155 or complete the Contact Us Form below.

Although most Operators are aware of the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness and Best Practice, it is not always applied to the full, but as importantly, what about those undertaking the maintenance.

Vehicle Maintenance will only be as good as those who are entrusted to undertake the work on behalf of the Operator.  There is no Regulatory action that can be take against sub-standard providers, but they can affect an Operator’s OCRS, or their MOT pass rate, or lead to the issuing of PG9 Prohibition Notices.

Is it worth taking a risk when an independent audit can give you peace of mind?  There is an increasing recognition that there is a requirement for audits and reviews to be undertaken with respect to an Operator’s Maintenance Providers, whether they are internal or external.

Foster Tachographs & Transport Compliance now provide an independent audit of an Operator’s Maintenance providers, not just on paper, but also donning the overalls and getting down the pit!

We look to assist clients with, by way of review, support, training and guidance to those who are tasked with preventative maintenance on their behalf.

As a consequence there are a number of areas to be looked at, including:

  1. The individual tasked with the work, his/her competence, previous training, current knowledge and attitude.
  2. The safety inspection, what is the process currently used?
  3. Does the method of inspection follow a logical and comprehensive format and use the correct documentation?
  4. Knowledge and understanding of the difference between the legal minimum standard for component assessment/condition and what is acceptable at a safety inspection is critical. It’s not acceptable for a mechanic to not change parts that are defective as that affects road safety, whilst conversely to change components parts because the mechanic is not sure and does not want to chance is not cost effective.  Operators need mechanics/fitters who know what to do and when to do it!
  5. Any individual tasked to complete safety inspections must be able to answer [without reference to the written criteria – HGV inspection manual] the most basic questions e.g. minimum tyre tread depth, braking performance and efficiency.  If they can’t that should raise an immediate concern.
  6. Are they aware of and have access to the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness / HGV – PSV inspection manuals?

In short, this is an assessment of underpinning knowledge, procedures, with a practical element of the individual completing a safety inspection – overalls on and down the pit!.

We will look at all aspects of the processes review your providers to these standards and report back with advice, guidance and resolutions to any weaknesses identified.

To talk to us about FOSTER COMPLIANCE, please call 01772-655155 or complete the Contact Us Form below.

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