* Please note that this publication is currently out of stock and will become available in the near future - date tbc.

At Foster Tachographs Limited, we know that you will always benefit from additional resources on the road.

So as well as devising our training courses to give your staff the best possible start, we have also developed ‘Tachobook’, the first driver’s pocket guide book on EC Driver’s Hours’ and Tachograph Regulations.

Written by our very own Gordon Humphreys, Tachobook is the ultimate handbook for educating drivers and operators alike. To aid their understanding, it has been written with the driver in mind, and instead of simply repeating the Law it explains it with informative case studies and illustrative examples.

Tachobook can be purchased either directly from Foster Tachographs Limited or from good bookshops quoting ISBN 9 78 09519960 5 8.

Appropriate training for staff and a working knowledge of industry regulations is ultimately your responsibility so that you minimise the risk of investigation.

Providing training aids and suitable publications can help protect you and your business, ensuring that your drivers have appropriate reference material available in their vehicles.