The Digital Tachograph

This is a very popular 3.5 hour training module which is often taken up by our clients in conjunction with our 3.5 hour Drivers’ hours’ course, so that participants can complete a 7 hour block of training on their way to full certification.

In this module, our trainers will work closely with you to scrutinise the regulations pertaining to appropriate use of the Digital Tachograph.

Delivered in clear language backed up by practical examples which can be easily applied to your working environment, we provide you with a wide range of invaluable tips on keeping on the right side of the law and avoiding the wrath of the enforcement agencies.

For instance, are you aware of what the Tachograph card and unit can actually store? Do you know that you should be making manual records on the machine, and not simply writing on the backs of printouts?

We will show you how to record and maintain those records efficiently and in line with the regulations. We will also demonstrate the full capabilities of these devices and how they can be used more practically. Your drivers will return to you with a better working knowledge of how to read all those different pictograms and digital printouts.

We will address a number of useful topics, including:

  • Digital Tachograph set up and main features
  • Digital Cards and types, display information and storage, application, loss and renewal
  • UTC time, log in/log out
  • Making manual entries with the digital tachograph
  • Display capabilities, activity behaviour, time adjustments, mixed driving, analogue/digital and domestic work
  • Pictograms, messages and understanding printouts
  • Procedures and use of downloading tools.