Tachograph Systems Audits

It is widely accepted that many operators simply do not have appropriate, accurate tachograph compliance systems in place, or even bother to undertake any form of comprehensive analysis.

With Foster Tachographs, you have access to high quality tachograph compliance systems which ensure you meet all your legal obligations. We are widely regarded as leading experts in the UK for these types of systems, and no less an authority than the Transport Tribunal has described our expertise as follows:

“We agree with the description of Mr Humphreys’ input into the Appellant’s operations as being ‘gold standard’ together with his proposals as to the future.”

We will ensure that any deficiencies in your systems are highlighted, allowing you to rectify any areas of weakness and ensuring compliance with the latest legislation.

With our bespoke systems and detailed reports, you can pay on a monthly account basis and have access to all the compliance protection you need to meet operators’ requirements and the minimum, baseline responsibilities set out in the Alison Jones Transport Tribunal:

“In our view this statutory undertaking requires more than the operator should set up adequate systems and then leave them to run themselves; what is required is constant supervision and monitoring to ensure that the systems work. In other words I am directing myself to the effectiveness of the system to detect drivers’ hours and tachograph offences and the resulting action taken as a consequence of such findings.”