Public Inquiries

If you have to attend or be interviewed as part of a public inquiry, to whom do you turn for preparatory advice and support throughout the process?

At Foster Tachographs Limited, we are well versed in the preparation of reports and the provision of expert analysis and evidence at public inquiries.

Whether you are an operator or the legal team representing them, our first steps together will be to review the public inquiry brief, identify areas of concern and quickly implement Transport Tribunal ‘Gold Standard’ (Appeal 2009/215) tachograph compliance systems to prevent the experience being repeated.

Gordon Humphreys and the Foster Tachographs Limited team have been recognised by VOSA/DVSA and Traffic Commissioners as suitable experts to undertake audits required following a Public Inquiry.

So when you come to us for analysis, reports and advice, you have the peace of mind that our attention to detail, honesty and integrity are widely acknowledged and respected.