Forensic Analysis & Accident Reconstruction

When it comes to forensic analysis and reconstruction, you need to know you are in capable hands.

Our professional analyses of both analogue and digital tachographs has provided vital evidence in both criminal and civil courts throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Our reputation as tachograph analysis experts means that we are regularly consulted by both defence and prosecution teams and also, in civil matters, as the Single Joint Expert.

With our forensic approach to investigating the events that took place during a road traffic accident, you can rely on us to conduct in depth collision analysis and reconstruction to identify the causes and contributing factors.

This rigorous analysis can be invaluable not only when it comes to interviewing expert witnesses during trials, but also for improving highway and vehicle safety. We also specialise in the following areas relating to transport cases and law:

  • Corporate manslaughter
  • Causing death by dangerous driving
  • Careless & inconsiderate driving
  • Drug smuggling
  • Thefts of load
  • Personal injury
  • Evasion of duty on cigarettes and alcohol
  • Route reconstruction
  • Interview taking.

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