EC Drivers’ Hours’ Regulations

From driving hours and limits through to mandatory breaks and rests, our course on EC drivers’ hours’ regulations gives you everything you need to know about your responsibilities as an operator, and those which must be met by your fleet workforce and drivers.

This highly popular 3.5 module is delivered in easy to understand language and is designed to dovetail perfectly with our other shorter modules.

The course covers a series of mandatory issues illustrated with practical and real examples, with topics including:

  • 4.5 hour drives and breaks
  • Daily and weekly driving
  • Daily and weekly rest intervals
  • The Fixed and Working week clearly explained
  • Ferry crossings made easy and working abroad
  • Double crewing
  • Emergency exemptions you can legally use
  • Fault finding and how to examine digi/charts
  • Spotting offences and learning to prevent them.