Due Diligence & Audits

The acquisition of a transport or haulage business is not without risk, so how do you know you are getting value for money and taking on a reputable concern?

With hundreds of files, documents and accounts to be reviewed prior to acquiring a transport operation, the new operator or those representing them need to ensure that the vendor’s tachograph systems are fully audited.

Some unscrupulous operators have achieved profitability based on a less than healthy approach to compliance with EC Drivers’ Hours’ and Tachograph Regulations, and our experience with helping clients minimise the risk of Breach of Warranty bears this out.

We can protect your interests by helping you get behind the business to ensure that the profitability you are taking on has been maintained legally.

We can undertake a full and accurate review of their tachograph systems on your behalf, including their current levels of compliance, to ensure that there are no hidden ‘surprises’ in the future.