Daily Vehicle Walk Round Checks

Daily vehicle walk round checks are of paramount importance if you are to maximise preventative measures and protect yourself from unnecessary fines and penalties.

If you do not officially record your walk round checks, as far as the enforcement agencies are concerned, they never happened. This single issue is one of the biggest generators of Graduated Fixed Penalty tickets.

Furthermore, you can be prosecuted for failing to keep records, putting you at risk of the wrath of Traffic Commissioners at a Public Inquiry. So it’s crucial to get the basic details right.

Foster Tachographs 3.5 hour training module for daily vehicle walk round checks is a hugely beneficial course to ensure you maintain the highest road safety standards, a critical factor in keeping your operator licence.

Identifying faults at this stage means you can report and rectify them off the roads. You will therefore avoid costly prosecutions, hours spent on enforcement agency check sites and more importantly potential road traffic accidents.

Our vehicle check course topics include:

  • Reasons for daily checks, potential consequences of failure and reputational damage
  • Road safety – prosecutions, VOSA Interventions and the Traffic Commissioner
  • Examples of defects – systematic and methodical checking, identifying and reporting faults at base and on the road
  • Practical application and demonstrations
  • Health and Safety factors - conducting the walk around check, looking at systems
  • Recording on digital tachograph and manual entry
  • Recording on Analogue and manual entry.