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Driver Liability and EC Drivers’ Hours’ Regulations

This 7 hour training module covers the scope of current legislation, so that we equip your staff with a deeper working knowledge of EC Drivers Hours’ and Tachograph Regulations and their liability and potential exposure to risk.
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Daily Vehicle Walk Round Checks

Daily vehicle walk round checks are of paramount importance if you are to maximise preventative measures and protect yourself from unnecessary fines and penalties.
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EC Drivers’ Hours’ Regulations

From driving hours and limits through to mandatory breaks and rests, our course on EC drivers’ hours’ regulations gives you everything you need to know about your responsibilities as an operator.
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The Digital Tachograph

This is a very popular 3.5 hour training module which is often taken up by our clients in conjunction with our 3.5 hour Drivers’ hours’ course, so that participants can complete a 7 hour block of training on their way to full certification.
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Driver CPC Courses

We are committed to employing proven and accredited experts to undertake training support in their subject area and field of excellence. This helps us give you access to the highest standards and quality for this type of training across the UK.
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