Legal Services

Professional services delivered by industry professionals
from a company which has been established for over 150 years.

Other Transport Legal Services

With our depth of specialist industry knowledge, we can help you with all aspects of transport law or related issues. We can offer you advice and guidance.
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Court, Public Inquiry & Tribunal Attendance

Not only do we work closely with you in preparing for your case and providing expert analysis, we can also support you by attending court, public inquiries or tribunals to present our evidence and conclusions for you in person.
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Due Diligence & Audits

The acquisition of a transport or haulage business is not without risk, so how do you know you are getting value for money and taking on a reputable concern?
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Public Inquiries

If you have to attend or be interviewed as part of a public inquiry, to whom do you turn for preparatory advice and support throughout the process?
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Forensic Analysis & Accident Reconstruction

Our reputation as tachograph analysis experts means that we are regularly consulted by both defence and prosecution teams and also, in civil matters, as the Single Joint Expert.
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Drivers’ Hours’ and Tachograph Allegations

An encyclopaedic knowledge of Drivers’ Hours’ and Tachograph Regulations is crucial in determining whether allegations of breaches are proven or not.
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